Rapid Prototyping Equipment

4D Tech Solutions owns and operates a suite of rapid prototyping machines – ranging from CNC mills and laser cutters to eight 3D printers that can rapidly make parts with required material properties.  In addition, we have developed strategic relationships with machine shops that can deliver complex 3D parts from materials ranging from polymer to titanium with a 2-day turnaround time. 

4D’s rapid prototyping capabilities enable us to quickly design, build, and test prototypes for research and development purposes and for customer applications. In addition to 3D printers, CNC mills, and laser cutters and engravers, we also maintain the equipment needed to perform electronic circuit board prototyping. This equipment enables 4D to perform both additive and subtractive rapid prototyping activities in a variety of materials.

4D’s capabilities include design and fabrication of printed circuit boards.  4D’s in-house fabrication equipment allows 4D to populate, cure, reflow, and rework boards in prototype or batch applications.   4D’s in-house PCB design, populate, and reflow capabilities enable us to rapidly produce and test circuit boards for our customers. The electronics design and fabrication equipment – including a pick and place machine and reflow oven – have supported nearly all of the 4D projects that require custom circuit board integration. 

Examples include: