Intelligent Electronic Speed Control (iESC™)

4D is working with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to develop an intelligent electronic speed control (iESC™) for UAVs. The rapid growth of the UAV market makes the ability to operate these systems in a safe and reliable manner increasingly important.  4D’s iESC™ serves to significantly reduce the occurrence of loss of control accidents that may result in human injury and property loss (e.g. both the UAV and property impacted on the ground).

The iESC™ integrates advanced system health monitoring sensors and algorithms to identify failures before they occur.  Neural networks are used to “learn” what the normal operating parameters are for a UAV system; those trained neural net is then used to detect a wide variety of failure modes – including motor bearing failure, structural failure, and propeller damage – to alert an operator to the problem before a vehicle crash occurs.

The technology allows operators to maintain and operate their UAVs in a highly professional manner that is consistent with best-practices in other industries where machinery failure can cause harm to humans or damage property.