Electronics Design and Fabrication

4D’s capabilities include design and fabrication of printed circuit boards.  4D’s in-house fabrication equipment allows 4D to populate, cure, reflow, and rework boards in prototype or batch applications.   4D’s in-house PCB design, populate, and reflow capabilities enable us to rapidly produce and test circuit boards for our customers. The electronics design and fabrication equipment – including a pick and place machine and reflow oven – have supported nearly all of the 4D projects that require custom circuit board integration. 

Examples include:

  • Unmanned Ground Vehicle – circuit boards were built to control the hydraulic power unit and to support power distribution throughout the vehicle.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – custom circuit boards were built to support the UAV-deployed loudhailer system.
  • LiDAR – 4D performed a complete electronic system design integration comprised of 9 separate circuit boards and the interconnects between those circuit boards.
  • iESC – 4D is designing and integrating a fully integrated electronics board for brushless DC motor control, including all sensors and interfaces required to perform fault diagnostics.
  • Benchtop Test Fixtures – 4D has built and interfaced custom test fixtures to perform benchtop tests used to aid in system design and quality assurance.