DAGRS Contract Overview

Provide all necessary coordination and technology based
capabilities to rapidly and effectively enable Army, Joint, multi-national, and
combined (DoD/other organization) responder missions (those involving
non-warfighting capabilities or a mix of warfighting and non-warfighting

Have all necessary knowledge, skills, equipment and
facilities within the team structure to conduct all required support functions
for military responder missions as defined within the scope. These include, but
are not restricted to, includes:

Technical development and integration (R&D) activities
such as prototype development, prototype integration, sub-system and system
integration, equipment assessments, and operational integration

Act in accordance with and augment procedures and
capabilities of the Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD)
Unique Mission Cell and the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition,
Logistics and Technology)’s Enterprise Adaptive Red Team

Use the advanced capabilities of this organization to enhance
their ability to develop, integrate, employ and support military responder

Specific tasks include:

Technical Development and Support:

Provide all necessary technical support to develop and
produce operational equipment, subsystems and systems for employment in
responder missions. This will include:

Design, development, fabrication, documentation and technical
support (including field service representatives) of equipment and systems for
responder missions

Technical Integration:

Conduct all necessary activities to ensure that equipment,
sub-systems and systems are well integrated with appropriate units, platforms,
vehicles, or weapon-systems to achieve responder mission objectives and

Operational Integration:

Coordinate with appropriate Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine
Headquarters and subordinate units to enable employment of responder
capabilities with unique requirements and capabilities on highly accelerated
schedules. The contractor shall also coordinate with these for longer term
planning and program duration

This requires the assimilation of responder support capabilities
with individual Service and joint, multi-agency, and multi-national operations,
acquisitions and logistics processes